MG road

Make Bangalore Greener, a tree every 30 meters should be the plan. Not any tree. Trees of India like neem, etc. Plus flowering trees on streets colour co-ordinated – white flowering trees on one street, yellow the next, pink on the following and the layouts and blocks will look great. Medicinal trees on hospital roads etc.
With all the destruction and being a concrete jungle looming large, I would start with m.g.road and brigade road with jacaranda trees colour co-ordinated to please the eyes of citizens in a few years. Starting with downtown areas give it wide publicity. There should be a committee to oversea, execute and monitor it, otherwise it will be chaos giving it to a govt organisation, it should be a private agency to execute with the blessings of the government. Probably sponsored by corporate companies to meet costs. Etc Etc. too many ideas in my head about this project. Hope it happens …

MG road Mini Map