Vijayanagar – 560040

Bangalore has grown exponentially over the past few years. What was once called a “Pensioners Paradise” can no longer be called so! One the major areas of concern is “pollution” – both Noise and air pollution in residential areas. Because the main roads are all clogged due to ever increasing traffic, the roads in residential areas are being converted into alternate paths and traffic has increased on these roads. This causes several issues –
1. Noise pollution – constant moving traffic and blaring horns
2. Air pollution – Petrol and Diesel fumes from the traffic, which are way above normal for residential areas.
3. Accidents – Kids/elderly walking on the roads because there are no proper footpaths and ofcourse the “insensitive” driving on our roads.

We need to change before this becomes a major epidemic.

Vijayanagar - 560040 Mini Map