Safety in crossing the road at Agara Junction HSR Layout

As you can see in the name Agara bus stop is a junction in which many roads converge. Therefore there is a continous flow of traffic from all directions . Due to this people who want to cross to the road to catch a bus or after gettiing down from a bus find it very difficult to cross the road especially old people commuters and students who are in plenty. It is a common site to see everyone running from this side to that.
Even though there is a green man at the signals the vehicle drivers toatally ignore it even when it is flashing green and do not stop, so if one wants to cross the road then also they will be doing so at their own risk. not only that the while the vehicles enter from Koramangala side going to ward Hebbal, Sarjapur, ITPL etc the visability of the vehicles are very less due to the cement columns that have been constructed it blocks the view of the ones who want to cross the road. Also many vehicle drivers can be seen jumping the red lights.
Many things can be done to make it safef for the people crossing the road here are a few suggestions.
Make sure that every one crosses at he signals only and do not allow any one to cross any where as they like. This can be achieved by putting up a barricade down the middle of the road from the signal up until 27th main then the people are forced to cross the road at signal only and that to when the greenman is green only. Then only can safety be achieved for the old people commuters and students.
If possible a flyover or under pass can be constucted so that one can cross the road without fear for their lives.
This junction has more than 5 roads comverging therefore vehicles come in all directions including the service roads therfore something should be done at the earliest so that one can safely cross the road. as one will always have to cross that busy road if thy have to catch a bus or alight from a bus at Agara bus stop junction

Safety in crossing the road at Agara Junction HSR Layout Mini Map