NORTH LALBAG. Hennur Karee, Hormavu Karee.

We have Lalbag and cubban park, which was developed by transistors , some decades ago. Since then, our Govt. never thought , we residents need a another park like this, this city has grown. We have an ideal area / semi land , 3 kms. north to Hennur ORR. This was a low lying area, with a wide rain water channel in the middle. Now in year 2005, this area, major part was back filled by BDA to secure more lands under Arkawathi layout. Think, now this is gone with several private land developers. We have rain water and dirt water flow from down streem from Hebbal, Nagawara and Thnisandra area to this side. As the upper areas are back filled, the water rush to down side is high. This area was earlier acted as surge tanks. Now all water flood the area and rush to Byrathi, Rampura lakes. If part of this area, apx. 60 to 100 acres can be secured for a large public park and vegitation park. Water will not be a problem at all. Other than the above rain water, a 40MLD STP is right next to this. Think, this treated water is never re used, just flushed to the open channels, lakes. Several mails were sent to our intelligent BBMP team and CM. All goes to drain. The BBMP and Ministers think, BLR south and few area like JP nagar, Jaya Nagar and Sadhashiva nagar and MG road is Bangalore city. !!!,

NORTH LALBAG.  Hennur Karee, Hormavu Karee. Mini Map