Mathikere Extension, Mathikere, MS Ramaiah Nagar

Just 2 step process will significantly improve an ignored part of Bangalore called Mathikere Extension.

We need to extend the double road that originates from “Chowdeshwari bus stop” all the way to MS Ramaiah Hospital Main entrance via MJR Colony slum through MSR Nagar Road extension. This requires road widening and the proposal is in place for a long time without any movement gaining pace.

Secondly, plant more trees along the double road, I personally will provide sapling’s at my own expense if this idea kick’s off. Planting more tress once the road is widened will reduce pollution by absorbing dust and smog, will beautify and provide a shade along the boulevard.

Please help us in this cause, this will prove a lifeline to a lot of problems and improve quality of life to a couple of million people who reside here

Mathikere Extension, Mathikere, MS Ramaiah Nagar Mini Map