KSCA Stadium/MG Road

I would re-locate KSCA stadium, break the current stadium down in order to make place for one continuous giant green-space along the lines of Central Park, NYC. The green space would stretch from Cubbon Park through KSCA and South Parade all the way to where the Oberoi Hotel on MG Road begins.

The giant Green Space would be an enlarged Cubbon Park with roads going through them in addition to building cycling tracks, ponds, trees and green everywhere. This would entirely alter the landscape of Central Bangalore. Planning permits as well as building permits for skyscrapers along this giant park will also give a sense of a mesh of green with a modern outlook. The buildings around the park can be architectural gems that the city can boast of. The designs for these buildings can be solicited through a global competition platform. In addition, an opera house/music hall of the most dramatic design can be part of this re-development.

KSCA Stadium/MG Road Mini Map