Koramangala, Bangalore

Reduce the number of unqualified drivers/riders.

• Increase traffic fines heavily. For example, the fine for signal jumping should be Rs. 10,000.

This may sound ridiculous but it sure deters law breakers. Traffic police constables are willing to stoop really low and readily accept even 10 rupees as bribe and they let the culprits escape.

• There are a lot of people who don’t have licenses or they have paid bribes and obtained licenses easily without understanding the traffic rules and regulations. This adds to the chaos.

• Obtaining a driver’s license should be made extremely difficult and a costly affair. For example again, the fee to obtain a license should be hiked to Rupees 100,000. This will ensure drivers to become cautious and not lose their drivers license.

• Wide roads and flyovers won’t do any good in the long run.

• Reduction of unqualified drivers, badly maintained vehicles, and erratic traffic signals are the main reasons for traffic problems.

• Having good infrastructure too greatly reduces traffic problems.

• The reason for the current state of traffic problems is due to lack of infrastructure, uncontrolled growth of vehicle population, unruly drivers, uninformed drivers who have no regard or respect for others’ safety or their own safety.

• The first and the easiest step to reduce traffic are to reduce the number of unwanted, unqualified drivers. With this, there is no need to widen roads or fell trees and destroy the environment or build flyovers.

• Public transport has to be improved greatly.

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