Commercial street, Brigade road, Chruch street. Chikpett – (cloth street) and such shoppers street in City. Many visitors comes from Karnataka other Dists. villages, other states and even tourist from other country.

Only for pedestrians, shoppers and city visitors on walk. All two and four wheels to park on four side double line peripheral parking, created on the Parade stadium/ MG road Metro station. This open “public ” ground is used only for Jan.26 and Aug. 15th. Install cast iron pull out type bollards and chains to stop vehicles. Provide battery operated 6 seats or 8 seats , semi open / clear polycarbonate sheet covered vehicles to move shoppers to and from Commercial streets. Encourage the young shoppers to walk and shop. Less pollutions and much more fun in shopping and more and more visiting shoppers to come again and again. Shoppe owners to understand the beauty and shopping fun. As no vehicle moves during day, cleaning of walkways and rain water drains will be easy. Place the pot plants along the walk ways. Each shop owners to donate this and water this. Goods vehicle to come and go, after 0900 PM to 0900AM. If needed, sun roof with day light and air transfer shade to be installed. So no shopping is stopped and shoppers will not rushed in side the shops, even with rains. This was proposed in 2006 to then BBMP commissioner, Dr.Subramannyswamy. Think , BBMP need public to convince the shop owners on its advantages to them.