Bhoopasandra has a very eclectic culture to say the least and that too in a central location of bangalore. Bhoopasandra has a great mix of arabs, mediterraneans, east asians, africans as well as local-ites and an abundance of kerala-ites coinciding together happily. Affluent professionals, students and young adults reside together amongst great restaurants, Two well known universities (Ramaiah and Brindavan) the ISRO Indian Space and Research Organization Headquarters and just a 30 minute drive to the international airport. Bhoopasandra is an area know for its variety and quality of food servers at a very affordable price. In Bhoopasandra you could have iranian shek, chinese, italian, hyderabadi, and saudi arabian delicacies all on one street. Unfortunately Land acquisitions have inhibited its growth and real potential. Yet, centrally located Bhoopasandra is the place of choice for food amongst people of all age, race and occupation. Widening some roads and deconstructing old infrastructure in replacement with planned more accessible venues for people to eat, shop and be entertained, Bhoopasandra could be another hotspot amongst the few in Bangalore. Bhoopasandra’s diverse culture keeps it alive even without a venue, help give it a place to shine and build our NEXTBANGALORE.

Bhoopasandra Mini Map