Bangalore was long ago called ” the pensioner’s paradise “, for its blessed climate, vegetation , lakes etc., It was so cause of the strategic planning of Bangalore on the lines of the ” Thota, Kere & petta concept ( Garden , Lake & fort )”. Bangalore had a well established network of lakes & gardens which created a vibrant micro ecosystem and a flourishing natural environment and brought with it the title ” Garden City ” to Bangalore.

Today due to our ignorant , negligent & Arrogant attitude ( both government & citizens alike) to the environment around us we have created a city that we don’t relate to , we don’t recognize, which is no longer a garden city, which is no longer a paradise for anyone !!!
Most of the issues that we face today whether climate , water, traffic , culture etc., is an outcome of our attitude.

Therefore i feel its very important for us to begin identifying, protecting, revitalizing & intervening to re-establish this Green network of lakes & Gardens !! (Vegetation)