All the Artery and sub artery Roads

Dusty Bangalore Roads - 2

One of the main problem while on road is pollution ( Vehicular Emission + Stray Dust on road sides) vehicular emission may disperse in to atmosphere after few minutes but the stray dust will settle back on ground which gets recirculated every time it gets disturbed by vehicular movement or by blowing wind.
The way I see it can be solved is by using industrial vaccum cleaners ( USA uses these in many cities to suck up the dust and debries) In contrast sweeping by BBMP employees will not remove the fine sand which gets accumulated on the edge of the road but they either put it on the median or on the foot path which will come back to the road when air blows. Please refer the link below which provides some of the road sweeping machines.

The fine sand collected can be resued for consturction etc…

Krishnamurthy Lakshmana

All the Artery and sub artery Roads Mini Map