Agara Junction

One finds it very difficult to cross the road when they want to catch a bus or have got down from a bus due to the heavy flow of traffic which is non stop .Espescially old people, commuters as well as many children who attend the nearby schools. The tarffic does not stop even when the greenman is flashing so even if one wants to cross the road then he is doing so at his own risk. A barricade should be erected down the center of the road from the traffic signals to 27th Main so that no one will be able to cross where they like but should only cross at the signals when the green man in flashing. This will go along way in avoiding accidents. A traffic policeman should also be posted there to moniter the traffic which is very heavy all through the day. Many times vehicle are seen jumping singnals which causes problem not only to people who want to cross the road but other vehicle drivers also

Agara Junction Mini Map