Agara Junction( Sarjapur Road)

1) Safe crossing for pedestrians at any given time of the day. As one has to cross the road if they want to catch a bus or have got down from one. More than 5 roads join together at this junction
2) A barricade should be set up in the middle of the road from Agara junction up until 27th main. So that no one can cross in the middle of the road ,but should only cross the road at the zebra crossing near the traffic signals when Greenman is green.
3)Traffic police man should be posted there to moniter it(like in KR Circle in Mysore), to see that the traffic rules are followed.
4) At any given time of the day old age people , commuters as well as many students who study in nearby schools find it very difficult to cross this road as there is always a constant flow of traffic that doesn’t even stop when the greenman is green. So even if one wants to cross the road even when he is given right of way he will be doing so at his own risk as no
one shows respect to the greenman signal.
5) Duration of the time of the greenman pedestrian crossing should be increased.